Leesh Adamerovich is an Artist and Designer living in Brooklyn. Some of her influences include American primitive art, historical period dramas, the 60s / 70s / 80s and Precisionism.  

She curates/organizes shows to support the illustration community through Last Minute Collective and is a freelance art director for WestwoodWestwood.

GO HERE to view more of design work.

Recent exhibitions

------------- 2017 ------------------------------

The Great Outdoors // Gowanus Print LAB // Brooklyn NY

Solita: or the pleasures of solitude // Sad Gallery // Brooklyn NY 

Art Mart for Art Start // Huckleberry Bar // Brooklyn NY

---------------------- 2016 ---------------------

A League of Their Own // Masthead Gallery // Philly PA

A League of Their Own // Sad Gallery // Brooklyn NY

Tall Tales ICON9 // The Lions Nest // Austin TX

My EPIC Death // Masthead Gallery // Philly PA


SELECT Clients

Aidan Knight
Bleacher Report
Lucky Peach
LA Archivists Collective
Mouth Breather
New York Times
So Young Magazine
Stack Magazines
Vice Media / THUMP


It's Nice That
Tan & Loose Press
Ballpitmag Interview