photo by Will Warasila

photo by Will Warasila

Leesh Adamerovich is an Artist and Designer living in Brooklyn. Some of her influences include American primitive art, historical period dramas, the 60s / 70s / 80s and Precisionism.  

She curates/organizes shows to support the illustration community through Last Minute Collective and is a freelance art director for WestwoodWestwood.

GO HERE to view more of design work.

Recent exhibitions

------------- 2017 ------------------------------

Endless Edition's residency // 80WSE Gallery NYU // New York NY

The Great Outdoors // Gowanus Print LAB // Brooklyn NY

Solita: or the pleasures of solitude // Sad Gallery // Brooklyn NY 

Art Mart for Art Start // Huckleberry Bar // Brooklyn NY

---------------------- 2016 ---------------------

A League of Their Own // Masthead Gallery // Philly PA

A League of Their Own // Sad Gallery // Brooklyn NY

Tall Tales ICON9 // The Lions Nest // Austin TX

My EPIC Death // Masthead Gallery // Philly PA

SELECT Clients
Aidan Knight
Bleacher Report
Lucky Peach
LA Archivists Collective
Mouth Breather
New York Times
So Young Magazine
Stack Magazines
Steven Soderbergh
The Fruit Basket Band
The Smudge
Vice Media / THUMP


It's Nice That
Tan & Loose Press
Ballpitmag Interview